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"Just on the other side of our perception exists a limitless reality,  that we can awaken to, which will transform our lives and allow us to experience our purpose, personal fulfillment, inner peace and love, all in a deeper and more meaningful way."




Jonathan Monte is a personal development expert, life transformation strategist, speaker, author, and life coach who has helped countless people transform their lives through his one-on-one coaching, events and online training program. Through his lifetime of personal experience, wisdom and unique perspective, he has developed powerful, practical and proven methods which allow his students to overcome their blocks, unleash their potential and achieve the life they desire.


As a teenager, Jonathan suffered from extreme depression, confusion, and alcoholism. He was emotionally, physically and spiritually bankrupt, and felt hopeless and powerless to change his life’s painful direction. He was barely hanging on, and suicide seemed like the only option. Fortunately, one of his college professors reached out to him and opened his eyes to the possibility that he might be able to turn his life around. With that small glimmer of hope, Jonathan convinced himself that he would transform his life.


At the age of 18, Jonathan began attending 12-step meetings, intensively worked with a therapist, and started to rigorously study everything he could about personal development, psychology and the human condition. From his own personal experiences, observations, and understanding, he discovered the underlying patterns and conditions which caused the problems that himself and other people often suffer from. Through experimentation, he methodically applied what he learned, and ultimately discovered the universal solutions to our common problems and the keys for unlocking our personal freedom and power. This became an entire process which he successfully used to completely transform his life.


With Jonathan’s success, others quickly took notice and wanted to learn how they too could achieve the same results. From his passionate desire to help others, and his understanding that people are seeking practical and effective solutions, he began sharing his experience, and coaching others through the life transforming process he developed. Inspired by his student’s extraordinary success and the increasing demand for his knowledge and experience, Jonathan spent several years carefully refining and documenting his step-by-step process to create a truly powerful, effective, and comprehensive personal development program: Life Transformation – The Complete Journey.


Jonathan’s unique experience and approach directly challenges the the status quo of the mainstream personal development industry. Instead of breaking up his process into several individual programs, he presents his complete program intact. He understands that there are countless people who are ready and willing to do the work to improve and transform their lives if they are given clear instructions. This is why Jonathan explains what to do and precisely how to do it, step-by-step, from start to finish. Life Transformation – The Complete Journey also serves as a powerful foundation by which students can build upon and more effectively apply solutions to specific areas of their life.


Through his program, coaching, and events, Jonathan has been impacting and transforming the lives of countless others for more than 25 years. He has created a movement and is leading a new generation, filled with courage, purpose, open-mindedness and love. With everything Jonathan does, he strives to help people transform their lives, move the human race forward, and to foster a positive shift in the global consciousness.


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You deserve to live an amazing life, full of happiness, purpose and fulfillment. However, I understand just how painfully frustrating life can be when we feel unsatisfied, like we’re missing something, when we want to create a better life for ourselves, but we’re unsure of where to begin or how to make it happen. I spent years studying our human behavior and working with others before I finally unlocked the answers and discovered the solutions to the underlying problems so many of us face. The strategies and process I’ve developed and followed has not only transformed my life, but the lives of countless others as well.


It has been an honor and a privilege to share my unique experience, my strategies and process, and watch so many others transform their lives. I am continuously inspired by my student’s success, the extraordinary lives they now experience, and their powerful example of the possibilities that exist when we take action and follow this process.


We are experiencing a new and exciting phase of mankind’s evolution. More and more of us are realizing that we have the power to overcome whatever blocks are holding us back, rediscover ourselves and create the life we’ve always dreamed of. I believe that when we awaken to the limitless reality we have in front of us and transform our lives that we can also make a significant difference in the lives of others. Together, we can move the human race forward and foster a positive shift in the global consciousness. If you’re ready to transform your life then I invite you to take action and begin your journey today.

Yours sincerely,



Discover How to Overcome the Hidden Blocks Holding You Back, Achieve Your Goals and Create a Life of Happiness, Purpose and Fulfillment.
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